Julia Anastasiou is a fully qualified, professional, accredited and insured therapist. Primarily trained as a Reflexologist in New York in 1995. Julia returned to England to continue her professional and spiritual development. Her primary goal is to assist the improvement of the health and overall well being of each of her clients through a caring and holistic approach. Julia uses her intuitive ability to combine treatments which will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced and in a total state of bliss.

Julia believes that a person and their conditions are inseparable and must be regarded as one and treated as a whole.  Each interacting and influencing each other.

                   Mind ~ Emotions ~ Body ~ Spirit

Julia is a certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor working in conjunction with Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr David Simon through the Chopra Center. She is currently training to teach the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga through the Chopra Center, in California.


Julia has gained much press and recognition since she was published in Tatler August 2006.  Her Facial Rejuvenation has received attention worldwide!  Research has lead Julia to an amazing line of botanical products ~ Arbonne.  To learn more about the extensive anti-aging skin care range